mts sistemi i integracije - ICT

Digital Transformation.

ICT services tailored to the user's needs, providing increased productivity and efficiency while removing the focus from IT to the company's core business activities.

IT on demand

IT on demand offers users access to our skilled engineers at any time who will deliver solutions tailored to their specific needs and capabilities. Utilizing advanced diagnostic and monitoring tools, we evaluate and optimize the user's IT network.

Maintenance of applications, workstations, and local network infrastructure across one or multiple locations.

Services related to Linux and Windows infrastructure and environments – servers, workstations, Virtual machines, Backup.

Cloud infrastructure maintenance and support (VMWare, vSphere, ESXi, vCenter, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Citrix, XenServer, AWS, Azure).

Microsoft O365, Windows Server, Exchange.

LAN/WAN network infrastructure (Cisco, Juniper, Ubiquity, Mikrotik, Fortinate, Checkpoint, PaloAlto).

Design, support, and consulting related to IT security solutions for antivirus and perimeter protection, as well as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions.

Development of technical solutions and documentation. 

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Touch Point

A platform for sending transactional, promotional, and conversational SMS and Viber messages/in-app and web notifications. Designed for corporate clients to send information to their mobile service users.

The platform is scalable, and supports the flow of large amounts of data and functionalities, meeting the requirements of users in today's dynamic work environment.

Platform users have the opportunity to communicate with their clients via Viber and SMS messages intuitively and simply, without the assistance of the IT sector. Detailed reports are available to the company management enabling complete monitoring and management of campaigns at a company level. Reports can include all relevant parameters period, primary and secondary communication channel, category and subcategory, message status, campaign, campaign manager, and phone number.

The platform provides a simple overview of completed campaigns, those currently running, as well as scheduled campaigns. 

Contact Center

The Contact Center integrates all communication channels and overcomes traditional solutions. From a single-screen position, you can respond to users quickly and easily with numerous functionalities. 

Users have access to a first-level customer center, featuring call-center agents (turnkey solution), available in both on-premises and/or cloud- based solutions. 

Are you receiving a high volume of calls and feeling tired of using various applications and devices?

Do you wish to respond to users quickly and efficiently?

Are you interested in understanding types of queries and evaluating service quality levels? 

Would you like to track your team's efficiency?

Looking for the best way to fully interact with customers?

Development of technical solutions and documentation. 

The answers to the questions are hidden in the Contact Center service.

Omnichannel experience unites all channels of communication.

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Managed AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a web services platform that offers solutions for computing, storage, and networking solutions at various levels of cloud abstraction. It can be used for hosting websites, running business applications, and storing huge amounts of data.

The most popular AWS web services include EC2, which provides virtual machines, and S3, which offers storage capacity. AWS services work well together allowing replication of an existing local setup or the design of a new setup from scratch. The pricing model for services is pay-as-you-go.

mts SI as a Service Path Select AWS Partner, with certified engineers, enables its customers to securely and easily manage AWS services and business solutions on the AWS cloud infrastructure, while respecting the highest security procedures and standards. While you focus on business projects, we manage them on IT side so they can be executed as quickly, easily, and safely as possible.

AWS management includes:

Maintenance and management of infrastructure and servers.