mts sistemi i integracije - Multimedia

Multimedia platform.

A multimedia platform designed to deliver high-quality video and audio content across a wide range of devices.


Very intuitive administration interface, designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Supports multiple accounts within the same instance of middleware, separating subscribers and content.

Subscribers – manage subscriptions manually in middleware or via API.

Device management.

Content Management – manage TV & Radio channels and VOD via categories, subcategories, seasons, and episodes.

CDN management and analytics.

Usage Analytics - insights into subscriber data and content consumption. Exports data to 3rd party systems.

Reports and Payments.

mts SI application store - for AOSP (Android Opensource Project) devices.


The headend platform enables reception, transcoding – processing (channel compression), and recording (CUTV), enabling optimal delivery to all devices in all network circumstances.

The encoding process is done with the latest hardware and software technology.

Content Delivery Network

It is possible to configure a local CDN fully developed by mts si.

Additionally, connecting an external CDN (e.g., AWS, Akamai) directly to centralized Shield servers allows content delivery worldwide.



In this segment of the platform, live channels and VOD content are secured by protections such as Widevine, Playready, and Fairplay, using HLS, MPD, and other transport protocols for remote streaming.


Multi-screen applications with multiple displays, available on all major app stores.

Smart TV

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Mobile & Tablet App

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Android TV

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